About Us

Summer Health Ghana is a healthcare service provider with more than five years of practice in the healthcare industry and with adequate and well-trained staff to carry out quality healthcare services to clients. Summer Health specifically provides various service in healthcare, to all categories of people with various degree of ailments. All these provisions made by Summers Health are centred on homecare healthcare services – the major purpose of the organization, where persons who cannot make it to the hospital or choose to be attended to in the comfort of their home or office benefit. Thus, with Summer Health, we bring to your doorstep the best of healthcare at your convenience.
With the unfortunate spike in health cases and the evolving mentality of the Ghanaian folk to seek regular medical examinations to ensure they are in good health, a window of more convenient ways of accessing such medical examinations has been created. This prompted the formation of Summer Health.
We are a healthcare company which provides various healthcare services at home and at the convenience of patients. With a team of trained, competent, and licensed medical professionals with wealth of experience in the medical field, Summer Health is dedicated to excellence in patient care. Since its establishment, the company has soared in excellence, providing quality services that cover all categories of ailments in the field of Medicine and Nursing.

Mission Statement

To provide excellent healthcare services in Africa

Core Values

1. Care and Compassion, where each life in our good care is precious to us.
2. Teamwork and Unity. Working together as a team is paramount for us and this unity sets us up for excellent service delivery.
3. Creativity and Innovation. Our team ensures effective solutions are developed and applied.
4. Honesty, Integrity and Transparency. We believe in being virtuous, very open in our dealings with clients and ensuring clarity in all our engagements for the benefits of the client and our outfit.
5. Focus and Discipline. Our team is centred on hard work, with good ethics, and sticking to the codes of conduct in relating with clients.

Mode of Operation

Summer Health Ghana currently operates as a mobile health care provider, where clients book services via phone call and direct online contacts of Summer Health Ghana. The booking is verified by filling an online form. When there is an inconvenience of a client not being able to fill the form, the client is assisted via phone call, to facilitate an appropriate process of filling the form. However, more details will be given on request.


Benefits to Clients

Summer Health Ghana is the best choice for a client needing any of the services listed above, as they stand to gain a lot. We offer our clients:

1. Affordable services
2. Flexible payment plan
3. Well qualified healthcare givers
4. Credible and competent facility where need be
5. Quick response to issues of health care

Clientele and Highlights of Past Healthcare Screening Exercises

We have been able to conduct healthcare screening for a number of companies like:
1. Skol Consult
2. First Merit Trust
3. PDSA Hexagon